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Company: DGTLife, LLC

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A Meteor package that implements Google's Material Design using Blaze.
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 5 stars
[DEPRECATED] A Meteor package that integrates the StrongOps agent from StrongLoop into a Meteor a...
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 0 stars
[DEPRECATED] App Alerts is a Meteor package for displaying pop-up alert messages in the client UI...
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 0 stars
Modifications to mongo and npm-mongo to work with Mongo DB v3.2.6
JavaScript - Updated - 0 stars
A Meteor app to demonstrate a possible bug that prevents the loading of Font-Awesome icon fonts
This repository is no longer available - 0 stars
This repo was created to follow through the process of publishing a Meteor package on Atmosphere;...
This repository is no longer available - 0 stars
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