DHIS 2 Core. Written in Java. Contains the service layer and Web API.

License: BSD-3-Clause

Language: Java

Keywords: hibernate, java, maven, spring, spring-mvc


DHIS 2 is a flexible information system for data capture, management, validation, analytics and visualization. It allows for data capture through clients ranging from Web browsers, Android devices, Java feature phones and SMS. DHIS 2 features data visualization apps for dashboards, pivot tables, charting and GIS. It provides metadata management and configuration. The data model and services are exposed through a RESTful Web API.


The software is open source and released under the BSD license.

For documentation please visit the doc page.

To can download pre-built WAR files from the continuous integration server.

You can explore various demos of DHIS 2 in the play environment.

For general info please visit the project web page.

Build process

This repository contains the source code for the server-side component of DHIS 2, which is developed in Java and built with Maven.

To build it you must first install the root POM file, navigate to the dhis-web directory and then build the web POM file.

cd dhis-2
mvn install
cd dhis-web
mvn install

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