ERP customized for Foreign Market Consulting

Language: PHP


  • Create your empty database on your database server and have your access information ready.
  • Required packages: apache2 (+mod_rewrite), php5, php5-xsl, php-pear, mysql-server, php5-mysql
  • Optional packages: apc, php5-gd

Install notes:

Change to your web directory:

cd /var/www/

Clone project:

git clone

Create required symfony cache and log folders:

mkdir -p erp/cache erp/log erp/web/uploads erp/lib/vendor

Clone symony1 vendor:

git clone

Create symbolic link for Symfony

ln -s $(pwd)/symfony1/ erp/lib/vendor/symfony

Go to project folder:

cd erp

Update required permissions:

./symfony project:permissions

Publish plugin files to web folder:

./symfony plugin:publish-assets

Copy database config file from draft:

cp config/databases.yml.sample config/databases.yml

Edit database file and fill with your own database info:

vim config/databases.yml

Update model, filter, classes and write to database:

./symfony doctrine:build --all --and-load

Clear symfony cache:

./symfony cc

Apache settings:

Put these settings on your Apache host/vhost file to access to the program:

<VirtualHost *:80>

ServerName erp.local
DirectoryIndex index.php
DocumentRoot /var/www/erp/web/

<Directory "/var/www/erp/web/">
AllowOverride All
Allow from All


Extra settings:

To start WHDB weekly report e-mail task:

./symfony workingHour:sendReport

To start the e-mail task daily, with CRON

0 0 * * * /usr/bin/php /var/www/erp/symfony workingHour:sendReport

Developer notes (Use with precaution):

Send all WHDB weekly e-mails now:

./symfony workingHour:sendReport --sendnow="true"

Disable sending e-mail to all users with MySQL:

UPDATE sf_guard_user SET send_email="0" WHERE 1;

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