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REST API Level 0 - Eclipse Vert.x Booster

This booster requires Java 8 JDK or greater and Maven 3.3.x or greater.
As part of the process of creating this booster, launch.openshift.io set up a project with a CI/CD deployment of this booster. You can see the status of this deployment in your Single-node OpenShift Cluster or OpenShift Online Web Console.

Runing the Booster Locally

To run this booster on your local host:

$ git clone git@github.com:${loggedUser}/osio-preview

$ cd osio-preview

$ mvn compile vertx:run

Interacting with the Booster Locally

To interact with your booster while it’s running locally, use the form at http://localhost:8080 or the curl command:

$ curl http://localhost:8080/api/greeting
{"content":"Hello, World!"}

$ curl http://localhost:8080/api/greeting?name=Sarah
{"content":"Hello, Sarah!"}

Updating the Booster

To update your booster:

  1. Stop your booster.

    To stop your running booster in a Linux or macOS terminal, use CTRL+C. In a Windows command prompt, you can use CTRL + Break(pause).
  2. Make your change (e.g. edit src/main/resources/webroot/index.html).

  3. Restart your booster.

  4. Confirm your change appears.

Running the Booster on a Single-node OpenShift Cluster

If you have a single-node OpenShift cluster, such as Minishift or the Red Hat Container Development Kit, installed and running, you can also deploy your booster there. A single-node OpenShift cluster provides you with access to a cloud environment that is similar to a production environment.

To deploy your booster to a running single-node OpenShift cluster:

$ oc login -u developer -p developer

$ oc new-project MY_PROJECT_NAME

$ mvn clean fabric8:deploy -Popenshift

More Information

You can learn more about this booster and rest of the Eclipse Vert.x runtime in the Eclipse Vert.x Runtime Guide.

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