RStudio add-in to make plots with ggplot2


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The purpose of this add-in is to let you explore your data quickly to extract the information they hold. You can create visualization with {ggplot2}, filter data with {dplyr} and retrieve generated code.

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This addin allows you to interactively explore your data by visualizing it with the ggplot2 package. It allows you to draw bar plots, curves, scatter plots, histograms, boxplot and sf objects, then export the graph or retrieve the code to reproduce the graph.

See online documentation : https://dreamrs.github.io/esquisse/index.html

If you find bugs, please open an issue


Install from CRAN with :


Or install development version from GitHub :


Then launch the addin via the RStudio menu, if you don't have data.frame in your environment, datasets in ggplot2 are used.

ggplot2 builder addin

Launch addin via RStudio menu or with:


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