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My contributions by drulm. Composer-compatible fork of the Site map Drupal module (v7.x-1.0+ only)
PHP - Last pushed - 0 stars
Prototyped in Javascript for Unity 3d / code for a straightforward tap type game written in C# fo...
C# - Last pushed - 1 stars
Prototyped in Javascript, final dev in Unity 3d / C# code (without Unity Assets) from a grid tile...
JavaScript - Last pushed - 2 stars - 1 forks
The Google Books module is a filter module and an API for Google Books, that allows a user to ins...
PHP - GPL-2.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
Java - GPL-3.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
IP Path Access is an access control module which allows an administrator to set a path and IP (or...
PHP - GPL-2.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
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Repositories Contributed To

PHP - Last pushed - 0 stars - 1 forks
C++ - MIT - Last pushed - 0 stars
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Most Used Projects

Twig, the flexible, fast, and secure template language for PHP
Latest release v2.4.4 - Updated - 4.49K stars
Create JSON structures via a Builder-style DSL
Latest release 2.7.0 - Updated - 3.27K stars
CoffeeScript adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.
Latest release 4.2.2 - Updated - 191 stars
The Twitter Bootstrap extension for the Yii framework
Latest release 2.2.x-dev - Updated - 133 stars
The SwiftMailer integration for the Yii framework
Latest release 2.1.0 - Updated - 58 stars
Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable pr...
Latest release 5.1.5 - Updated - 38.7K stars
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