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Algorithms, PHP, MySQL, Parallel Computing, Drupal, Computer Science, C, C++, 80x86, Unity3d, Python, Apache Spark, Data Science, Java: Darrell Raymond Ulm


Java - GPL-3.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
Unity 3d / -Some- of the C# code from a grid tile matching game written in Unity3d
C# - Last pushed - 1 stars
Code Snippets for Apache Spark in Python, Scala, R language and Java
Python - GPL-3.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
Unity 3d / -Some- of the code for a simple tap type game written in C# for Unity3d.
C# - Last pushed - 1 stars
Use npn electron-generate to make boilerplate app
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 0 stars
IP Path Access is an access control module which allows an administrator to set a path and IP (or...
PHP - Last pushed - 0 stars
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Most Used Projects

Preloads your application so things like console, rake and tests run faster
Latest release 2.0.2 - Updated - 2.27K stars
Create JSON structures via a Builder-style DSL
Latest release 2.6.4 - Updated - 2.99K stars
Uglifier minifies JavaScript files by wrapping UglifyJS to be accessible in Ruby
Latest release 3.2.0 - Updated - 463 stars
A simple, fast Mysql library for Ruby, binding to libmysql
Latest release 0.4.6 - Updated - 1.61K stars
Makes spring watch files using the listen gem.
Latest release 2.0.1 - Updated - 27 stars
Puma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly concurrent HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack application...
Latest release 3.8.2 - Updated - 4.78K stars

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