Barista - the Dynatrace design system. Tailored to scale.


License: Apache-2.0

Language: TypeScript

Keywords: angular, angular-components, component-library, design-system, typescript, web

Barista components and design system

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Barista is the name of Dynatrace's design system, that contains all ingredients to create extraordinary user experiences. Like a barista picks the best ingredients for their coffee – and we love coffee!

One major part of the Barista design system is our components library written in Angular.

Getting started

New to Barista? See our getting started guide for detailed information about how to set up and use Barista components within your project.

Development & contribution

You would like to help us brew? That's awesome! If you are interested in contributing to our library see our guide for developers and contribution guidelines and always keep our coding standards in mind.


To stay up to date with the newest fixes and features take a look at our changelog.

Browser support

The Barista components support the most recent two versions of all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. We do not support any version of Internet Explorer.

Thanks to Browserstack for the awesome support of open source projects

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Apache Version 2.0

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