Lisflood OS (LISVAP)

License: EUPL-1.2

Language: Python

Keywords: copernicus, cordex, efas, environmental-modelling, forecasting, forecasting-models, glofas, lisflood, lisvap

Lisflood OS

This repository hosts source code of LISVAP model. Go to Lisflood OS page for more information.

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Project Documentation Source code
Lisflood Model docs
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Lisvap Docs (this repository)
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Lisflood Utilities
Lisflood Usecases


LISVAP is a model that produce Evaporation timeseries maps that can be used as input to Water Balance/Flood simulation models.

Reference values for potential evapotranspiration and evaporation are estimated using the Penman-Monteith equation (Supit et al., 1994, Supit & Van Der Goot, 2003)

For full documentation, please visit the official documentation website.

This software is part of Lisflood Open source/Nexus Initiative and it's released under the EUPL 1.2 license. Source code and test cases are available in the LISVAP GitHub repository JRC - European Commission

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