License: EPL-1.0

Language: Java

Eclipse Xtext Core Framework

This repository contains the platform-independent language framework of Xtext.

How To Build

Check out and run ./gradlew build.

Additional command line arguments:

  • -PcompileXtend=true activates the Xtend compiler, but this is optional because the generated Java code is included in the repository.
  • -PuseJenkinsSnapshots=true switches to using the Maven repository generated by the Jenkins build job for xtext-lib. Without this argument, Sonatype snapshots are used.

Continuous Integration

This project is built by the xtext-core multi-branch job on Jenkins.

Project Statistics

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Sebastian Zarnekow Christian Dietrich Dennis Huebner Miro Spönemann Karsten Thoms Stefan Oehme Moritz Eysholdt Sven Efftinge Anton Kosyakov Christian Schneider Jan Koehnlein Holger Schill Lorenzo Bettini Arne Deutsch Akos Kitta Titouan Vervack Knut Wannheden Florian Stolte Tamas Miklossy Alex Tugarev

Packages Referencing this Repo

Infrastructure for testing Xtext languages (supersedes org.eclipse.xtext.junit4).
Latest release 2.17.0 - Updated - 42 stars
Platform-independent component for creating new Xtext projects.
Latest release 2.17.0 - Updated - 42 stars
Platform-independent language support.
This package is no longer available on Maven
Core component of Xtext.
This package is no longer available on Maven
Utility classes used throughout Xtext.
This package is no longer available on Maven
Generator for infrastructure of Xtext languages (supersedes org.eclipse.xtext.generator).
This package is no longer available on Maven
Xtext Language generic IDE support.
Latest release 2.15.0 - Updated - 42 stars

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v2.18.0.M1 April 15, 2019
v2.17.0 March 04, 2019
v2.17.0.Beta March 01, 2019
v2.17.0.M3 February 25, 2019
v2.17.0.M2 February 05, 2019
v2.17.0.M1 January 15, 2019
v2.16.0 December 04, 2018
v2.16.0.M3 November 26, 2018
v2.16.0.M1 November 25, 2018
v2.15.0 September 04, 2018
v2.14.0 May 23, 2018
v2.14.0.RC1 April 26, 2018
v2.13.0 November 02, 2017
v2.13.0.RC1 October 20, 2017
v2.13.0.M2 October 11, 2017

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