Convenience functions for working with List.


License: MIT

Language: Elm

Keywords: convenience-functions, elm, list

Convenience functions for working with List

Build Status

Experimental package with convenience functions for working with List. Note that this API is experimental and likely to go through many more iterations.

Feedback and contributions are very welcome.

Run tests

This package uses elm-test, please read its documentation to know how to run tests.


Pull requests are welcome. You can expect some kind of response within 5 days.

If you are adding a new function please..

  1. Include documentation and make sure it has a code snippet demonstrating what the function does.
  2. Give a detailed use case where your function would come in handy in the PR.
  3. Add tests to Tests/Tests.elm

If you are improving existing functions please demonstrate the performance gains in something like Ellie and by using a benchmark library like this one.

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Convenience functions for working with List
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