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Alarmify is an iOS application for those who have trouble getting up to their normal, boring alarm clocks using your Spotify playlists. Waking up should be fun.

Alarmify works for both Spotify free and premium users!

Core Features

  • Pull music from your Spotify playlists and use them as your alarm clock tone
  • Set any custom alarm, any day, and select the frequency of your alarms!
  • Great UI and UX for simple and straightforward use, guaranteed to be your next and last alarm clock app you'll ever need.
  • Less cranky mornings because the only alarm tone you've listened to at 9 in the morning is "By the Seaside".

Target Users

  • People who have become accustom to default alarm tones and require something unique each morning to wake up on time
  • People who want to move away from the default iOS alarm clock app and try something new
  • Alarmify Team

    Charles Kang
    Daniel Distant
    Eric Sze

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