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Ernest is a tool to define, manage and collaborate on your infrastructure
Gherkin - MPL-2.0 - Last pushed - 15 stars - 5 forks
ernestio/ernest-cli CLI tool
Go - MPL-2.0 - Last pushed - 5 stars - 5 forks
ernestio/ernest-site web site repo.
JavaScript - MPL-2.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars - 2 forks
Authenticator service
Go - MPL-2.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
A nats based configuration service
Go - MPL-2.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
This library aims to be a fake responder for all vcloud microservices. It allows you to bypass al...
Go - MPL-2.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
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Published Packages
A nats based configuration service
Latest release 3.5.0 - Published
A Rest API for interacting with Ernest
Latest release 3.5.0 - Published - 1 stars
Resource authorization manager by type
Latest release 3.5.0 - Published
ELB updater aws connector Service to update aws ELB's, it responds to and will res...
Latest release 1.8.0 - Published
Nats to bash commands
Latest release - Published
Azure connector
Latest release 3.5.0 - Published
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Most Used Packages

A Ruby parser written in pure Ruby.
Latest release - Updated - 1.04K stars
An IRB alternative and runtime developer console
Latest release 0.12.2 - Updated - 5.42K stars
Automatic Ruby code style checking tool. Aims to enforce the community-driven Ruby Style ...
Latest release 0.63.0 - Updated - 9.66K stars
BDD for Ruby
Latest release 3.8.0 - Updated - 2.42K stars
Code coverage for Ruby 1.9+ with a powerful configuration library and automatic merging of covera...
Latest release 0.16.1 - Updated - 3.58K stars
This is a JSON implementation as a Ruby extension in C.
Latest release 2.1.0 - Updated - 494 stars
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