A tool for visualizing multidimensional objects and their intersections:

License: Apache-2.0

Language: ApacheConf


Elements is an in-browser tool for visualizing multidimensional objects and their intersections. See it live!

Multidimensional objects are represented as polytopes where each element is bounded by lower-dimensional elements (edges by vertices, faces by edges, etc.). The tool projects any object to two dimensional screen surface using perspective projection to make them visible to the human eye.

The tool also computes the intersection of the object and the hyperplane parallel to the screen. The intersection is shown in red and it makes even easier to comprehend the real structure of the object.


To build the web site under dist folder, install all the required packages with npm install and run gulp.


Elements was originally written in Delphi by Eser Aygün and Işık Barış Fidaner as a high school project in 2000. The project won the second place in a national project contest.

The original report in Turkish and the original executable can be found here.

Future Work

Currently, the tool only shows a four dimensional hypercube even though the code supports arbitrary polytopes. Other interesting objects such as three/four dimensional torus, cone and sphere will be added in the future.

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