A older checkout of @mperham's inspeqtor to use for Monit's DMCA comparison.

License: GPL-3.0

Language: Go


This software is still under active development. Don't expect full-featured, polished software just yet.

Next generation host and process monitoring for server applications. Inspired by a decade of using monit but a complete rethink of what's necessary for modern applications.

What it does:

  • Monitor upstart-, runit-, systemd- or launchd-managed services
  • Monitor process memory and CPU usage
  • Monitor host CPU, load, swap and disk usage
  • Alert if processes disappear or change PID
  • Alert if processes or host goes over defined RAM or CPU utilization
  • Signal deploy start/stop to silence alerts during deploy

What it doesn't:

  • monitor arbitrary processes, services must be init-managed
  • have any runtime dependencies at all, not even libc.


See the Inspeqtor wiki for complete documentation.


Linux 3.0+. It will run on OS X. FreeBSD is untested. It uses about 5-10MB of RAM at runtime.


Inspeqtor Pro is the commercial version of Inspeqtor and offers more features, official support and a non-GPL license:

  • Monitor legacy sysvinit services with PID files
  • Monitor daemon-specific metrics (e.g. redis, memcached, mysql, nginx...)
  • Send alerts to Slack or other team chat rooms

See the wiki documentation for in-depth documentation around each Pro feature.


Licensed under GPLv3.


Inspeqtor is written by Mike Perham of Contributed Systems. We build awesome open source-based infrastructure to help you build awesome apps.

We also develop Sidekiq and sell Sidekiq Pro, the best Ruby background job processing system.

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