Seed project to develop React projects with ES2015

License: BSD-2-Clause

Language: JavaScript

Keywords: babel, browserify, es6-seed, eslint, jsx, react

React Seed with ES6

No longer maintained. A long time has passed and now there are tons of options to create React applications. You are probably better going with createReactApp. If you still want your own configuration it is better if you use Webpack because it has better support for hot reloading.

Seed project for React. I based my work on this repository. Type one command and you will spawn a server with live-reload (any change made in one of your jsx or css files will automatically reload the page where the components/css are loaded). Type another command and you will be able to build a production version with all your jsx and css files concatenated and minified.

React + Browserify + Babel + ESLint

This seed uses Browserify to support modules, Babel to transform your jsx files written with ES6 features in pure JavaScript (ES5), and ESLint to help you keep your code free of bugs. It also has babel-stage-2 that includes features of the next version of ECMAScript that are in initial draft.


Clone this repository:

git clone https://github.com/felipethome/react-seed-es6

Install dependencies:

npm install


npm run dev

Check http://localhost:8889

Production version


npm run deploy

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