License: GPL-3.0

Language: Python

====== PyRoom Project ======

PyRoom is a fullscreen simple text editor, without a toolbar, a menubar or
anything that would distract the user from his most important task: writing.

===== Dependencies =====

PyRoom depends on Python, PyGTK and XDG bindings for Python (python-xdg. Please
refer to your system documentation for information on how to install these
modules if they're not currently available.

====== Optional dependencies ======

In order to use GNOME default fonts in PyRoom, gconf bindings (python-gconf)
are recommended.

If you're installing manually from our tarball and want to use PyRoom in your
own language, you'll need to install gettext.

===== Installing and Running =====

PyRoom is available as a distutils enabled package. Installation procedures
for those are easy:

Either unpack the tarball 
    $ tar xvfz pyroom*.tar.gz

or check out our bazaar branch for a development version (we try to keep those
unbroken and ready for production use)
    $ bzr branch lp:pyroom

From there, you can either run pyroom from commandline

    $ cd pyroom/
    $ ./pyroom

Or install it system wide

    $ cd pyroom
    $ python setup.py install # as root
    $ pyroom

==== Usage ====

=== Running PyRoom ===

To run pyroom and instruct it to load some existing files, type:

  $ pyroom /path/to/file1 /other/path/to/file2

=== Example Usage ===

For example, to load PyRoom and instruct it to load the files "article.txt" and
"blogpost.txt", type the following:

  $ pyroom article.txt blog.txt

==== Key Bindings ====

There are a few keys allowing you to perform a few useful commands:

  * Control-H: Show help in a new buffer
  * Control-I: Show buffer information
  * Control-N: Create a new buffer
  * Control-O: Open a file in a new buffer
  * Control-Q: Quit
  * Control-S: Save current buffer
  * Control-Shift-S: Save current buffer as
  * Control-W: Close buffer and exit if it was the last buffer
  * Control-Y: Redo last typing
  * Control-Z: Undo last typing
  * Control-Page Up: Switch to previous buffer
  * Control-Page Down: Switch to next buffer

===== Want to know more? =====

  * PyRoom Website: http://pyroom.org
  * PyRoom project page on Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/pyroom
  * PyRoom IRC-Channel: irc://irc.freenode.net/pyroom - #pyroom on FreeNode

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