New demo version of Halo for the Mac.

License: BSD-2-Clause

Language: HLSL

Keywords: game, halo, macos, mod, multiplayer, reverse-engineering


HaloMD extends the life of Halo and makes mods fun again for the Mac.

HaloMD is a fairly ambitious project. It notably shows off:

  • Querying info from Halo game servers
  • Implementing support for adding versioned mods via a database, and updating them with delta binary patches
  • Extending the game with extensions, which is a way of changing the game at run-time
  • Writing a master server replacement from our packet sniffing research
  • Integrating a XMPP chat-room client for folk to get together & play

Most source code files unless noted otherwise are under BSD 2-clause license. Check the source code file in question to verify its license.

Artwork and audio files are not under a license.

Due to file size restrictions, this repository does not bundle all the data to run HaloMD from source properly. Thus, to build HaloMD from source, it is assumed you have an installation of in /Applications/ which is where it will pull the data from.

HaloMD may require a recent version of Xcode to build, and OS X 10.7 or later to run.

The master server requires Cargo to build, which is packaged with the Rust compiler. The Rust compiler can be downloaded from the Rust website.

Visit the HaloMD website for more info.

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