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AMS Short Course on Open Source Radar Software

Welcome to the AMS Short Course on Open Source Radar Software

This living repository was first created for the 37th conference on Radar Meteorology

Pre-course install instructions

Prior to the course it would be extremely helpful if all attenders could install Anaconda and Py-ART using the following steps.

  1. Download and install Anaconda from Continuum Analytics using the instructions on the site,
    Add Anaconda to your path if/when asked.

  2. Open a terminal or command prompt and install basemap and netcdf using the command:

    conda install basemap netcdf4 

    Answer yes to any prompts.

  3. In the same terminal or command prompt install Py-ART using the command:

    conda install -c pyart

    Answer yes to any prompts.


Course Outline

Welcome Slides

Intro to Python and SciPy

Basic Py-ART

Py-ART IO in Detail

Py-ART Data Model

Simple proccessing and adding a field

Texture and Dealiasing

Gridding radars to a Cartesian Grid

ARTView Demo

Plot Current Nexrad in ARTView

CSU Radar Tools

PyTDA Demo

FigShare data repository

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