Juju charms used by tsuru PaaS.

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Collection of charms used by tsuru.

Creating charms

To enable new environments, you need to create a new charm. A charm has a directory structure explained below:

| +-django/
|   +-hooks/
|   | +-install
|   | +-dependencies
|   | +-start
|   | +-stop
|   | +-restart
|   +-metadata.yaml
    | +-install
    | +-dependencies
    | +-start
    | +-stop
    | +-restart

Metadata file

Every charm must have a metadata.yml to describe the charm. It's described in juju docs - https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/write-charm.html


Every environment needs 5 hooks. Every hook must be created with execution permission. The hooks as described below:


This script used to install the packages your environment needs to be ready for deploy.


This script is used to install your application dependencies when you deploy it (e.g. pip install, npm install, bundle install).


This script starts your application.


This script stops your application.


This script restarts your application. It's used every time you deploy your application.

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