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Flippr is a Frontend Performance Monitoring tool.

This application requires:

  • Ruby 2.2.1
  • Rails 4.2.1

Getting Started

Clone the repo


Install all the required gems


bundle install

Create & Migrate the database


rake db:create
rake db:migrate


  • database.yml, secrets.yml config files are ignored from the version control and a new developer is expected to obtain it from an existing developer or from any of the server instances.

Branch History

  • master is the stable release branch, which is used to maintain the production ready codebase.

  • release is the edge release branch, which is primarily used to maintain the staging ready codebase.

  • develop is the integration branch.

To know more about branch structure read the instructions in the contributor guidelines.

Deployment details

Capistrano v3 is being used as the deployment automation tool.

Changes need to go to the develop branch first to be deployed to the staging instance. After testing and approval, develop branch needs to be merged with the master branch for production deployment.

Staging server details

  • IP:

  • Username:

  • Branch: develop

Production server details

  • IP:

  • Username:

  • Branch: master

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