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Planet Clojure

This is the source code of Planet Clojure.

Planet Clojure runs on Venus which is written in Python (a fine programming language).

The template of Planet Clojure was designed by Brajeshwar; so all credit goes to him.

Adding yourself to Planet Clojure

If you have a blog on Clojure and want to feature on Planet Clojure, fork this project on Github, edit the file clojure/config.ini and add your blog feed URL and your name in the following format -

name = Your Name

After you are done, commit the change to your repository and send me a pull request. I will be happy to add you to Planet Clojure.

Note: Please add the feed which contains only those posts which are Clojure/Lisp related. As a policy we do not put generic feeds on Planet Clojure.

Reporting Bugs

If you have an issue with the design or even Planet, feel free to send me pull requests of your fixes. I will be happy to merge those into my tree.

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Source code for Planet Clojure
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Source code for Planet Clojure
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