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Angular Universal Starter

Angular Universal

A minimal Angular starter for Universal JavaScript using the Angular CLI If you're looking for the Angular Universal repo go to angular/universal

Getting Started

This demo is built following the Angular-CLI Wiki guide

We're utilizing packages from the Angular Universal @nguniversal repo, such as ng-module-map-ngfactory-loader to enable Lazy Loading.

Build Time Prerendering Vs. Server Side Rendering(ssr)

This repo demonstrates the use of 2 different forms of Server Side Rendering.


  • Happens at build time
  • Renders your application and replaces the dist index.html with a version rendered at the route /.

Server-Side Rendering(ssr)

  • Happens at runtime
  • Uses ngExpressEngine to render your application on the fly at the requested url.


  • npm install or yarn

Development (Client-side only rendering)

  • run npm run start which will start ng serve

Production (also for testing SSR/Pre-rendering locally)

npm run build:ssr && npm run serve:ssr - Compiles your application and spins up a Node Express to serve your Universal application on http://localhost:4000.

npm run build:prerender && npm run serve:prerender - Compiles your application and prerenders your applications files, spinning up a demo http-server so you can view it on http://localhost:8080 Note: To deploy your static site to a static hosting platform you will have to deploy the dist/browser folder, rather than the usual dist

Universal "Gotchas"

Moved to /angular/universal/blob/master/docs/


MIT License

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