Best practices for modern web development

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Web Fundamentals on DevSite

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Welcome to the new WebFundamentals! An effort to showcase best practices and tools for modern Web Development.

What's changed?

  • We're now using the DevSite infrastructure
    • New style guide
    • New widgets allow inline JavaScript, common links, related guide and more
  • Jekyll has been eliminated, instead pages are rendered at request time
  • Front-matter has been eliminated from the markdown, but files now require a simple set of tags

What stays the same?

Cloning the repo

If you have a high bandwidth connection, I recommend starting with a fresh clone of the repo.

git clone

Getting set up

The new DevSite infrastructure simplifies the dependencies a lot. Ensure you have a recent version of Node and the AppEngine SDK for Python already installed.

  1. Run npm install (needed for the build process)

Build the auto-generated files

Some files (contributors includes, some pages for updates, showcases, etc) are automatically generated. The first time you clone the repo and run npm install, this is done for you. However, when you add a case study, update, etc., you'll need to re-build those files using:

npm run build

Update the code labs

To update the Code Labs, you'll need the claat tool, and access to the original Doc files. This will likely only work for Googlers.

  1. Download the claat tool and place it in your tools directory.
  2. Run tools/
  3. Check the latest changes into GitHub

Start the development server

  1. Run npm start

Test your changes before submitting a PR

Please run your changes through npm test before submitting a PR. The test looks for things that may cause issues with DevSite and tries to keep our content consistent. It's part of the deployment process, so PRs will fail if there are any errors! To run:

npm test

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