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Gravity Forms CLI Add-On

The Gravity Forms CLI Add-On allows WP-CLI users to manage forms and entries on the command line.

Video demos:

Form Management

Entry Management

Getting started

  • wp help gf
  • wp help gf form
  • wp help gf field
  • wp help gf entry
  • wp help gf tool

Form Management

wp gf form [command]


  • create - Creates a new form.
  • delete - Deletes a form.
  • duplicate - Duplicates a form.
  • edit - Launch system editor to edit the Form configuration.
  • export - Exports forms to a Gravity Forms Form export file.
  • form_list - Lists the forms with entry count and view counts.
  • get - Returns the form JSON.
  • import - Imports forms from a Gravity Forms Form export file.
  • update - Updates a form.

Field Management

wp gf field [command]


  • create - Creates a field and adds it to a form.
  • delete - Deletes a field.
  • duplicate - Duplicates a field.
  • edit - Launch system editor to edit the Field configuration.
  • get - Returns the JSON representation of a field.
  • list - Displays a list of fields for a form.
  • update - Updates a field.

Entry Management

wp gf entry [command]


  • create - Creates a new entry from either a JSON string with the raw entry or from field-value pairs.
  • delete - Deletes an entry.
  • duplicate - Duplicates an entry
  • edit - Launch system editor to edit the JSON representation of the Entry.
  • export - Exports entries.
  • get - Returns a JSON representation of an entry.
  • import - Imports entries.
  • list - Displays a list of entries.
  • update - Updates an entry.

Misc Tools

wp gf tool [command]


  • clear_transients
  • empty-trash Delete the trashed entries.
  • verify-checksums Verify Gravity Forms files against the checksums.

Installing Gravity Forms and Add-Ons

The above commands all require Gravity Forms to be installed. If Gravity Forms is not installed then you can use this add-on to install it along with all the other official Gravity Forms add-ons.


  • wp gf install -key=xxxxx
  • wp gf install gravityformspolls -key=xxxxx
  • wp gf install gravityformsquiz -key=xxxxx

A valid license key is required either in the GF_LICENSE_KEY constant or the --key option.


  1. Wordpress 4.2+
  2. Gravity Forms >
  3. WP-CLI


If you find any that needs fixing, or if you have any ideas for improvements, please submit a support ticket:

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