Merge multiple streams into one interleaved stream

License: MIT

Language: JavaScript


Merge (interleave) a bunch of streams.

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var stream1 = new Stream();
var stream2 = new Stream();

var merged = mergeStream(stream1, stream2);

var stream3 = new Stream();
//=> false


This is adapted from event-stream separated into a new module, using Streams3.



Type: function

Merges an arbitrary number of streams. Returns a merged stream.


A method to dynamically add more sources to the stream. The argument supplied to add can be either a source or an array of sources.


A method that tells you if the merged stream is empty.

When a stream is "empty" (aka. no sources were added), it could not be returned to a gulp task.

So, we could do something like this:

stream = require('merge-stream')();
// Something like a loop to add some streams to the merge stream
// stream.add(streamA);
// stream.add(streamB);
return stream.isEmpty() ? null : stream;

Gulp example

An example use case for merge-stream is to combine parts of a task in a project's gulpfile.js like this:

const gulp =          require('gulp');
const htmlValidator = require('gulp-w3c-html-validator');
const jsHint =        require('gulp-jshint');
const mergeStream =   require('merge-stream');

function lint() {
  return mergeStream(
gulp.task('lint', lint);



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