Handcrafted's Foundation Application, a clean starting point for every app

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Handcrafted Foundation

Handcrafted is a small team of Ruby on Rails developers (mainly Josh Owens and Adam Stacoviak). We focus on creating smart, usable web sites built on a foundation of clean, extensible, handcrafted code. We eat our own dog food, we use Foundation as our core starting point to ensure consistency through-out our applications. We bake all our goodness in here. Once.

Foundation is built with certain specific standards and opinions in mind. We were tired of re-writing and copy & pasting the same code over and over from project to project. Then git came along. Git helped us realize there was a better way.

Key Concepts

  • Make the app extensible by offering smart hooks for engines and plugins to add functionality
  • Keep the code clean. Break repeating code out into partials and re-use as needed
  • Write semantic HTML/Haml. Of course clean, organized CSS/Sass goes with that. And with the help of Compass, we get to ensure that we keep our CSS/Sass DRY
  • Tests, tests, tests. If you aren’t testing. You are wrong.

Opinionated Choices


  • We try to use “Markers” in key files, such as routes and application.js. We do this to ensure that continued foundation development doesn’t trample continued application development
  • Don’t annotate the base Foundation application. You should only be annotating the models in your real application

Installation Steps (development)

1. mkdir My-Foundation-App
2. cd My-Foundation-App
3. git init
4. git remote add foundation git://github.com/handcrafted/foundation.git
5. git pull foundation master
6. git remote add origin git@github.com:me/my-foundation-app.git
7. cp config/database.example.yml config/database.yml
8. Confirm database setup in config/database.yml
9. sudo gem sources -a http://gemcutter.org/
10. sudo gem install chronic
11. rake gems:install
12. rake db:create
13. rake db:migrate
14. rake db:seed
15. compass


See LICENSE file

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