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Mosh is a free and fast interpreter for Scheme as specified in the R6RS.
Scheme - Other - Last pushed - 107 stars - 9 forks
MonaOS is a free operating system. It's new, small, simple, open source and well structured.
C - Last pushed - 120 stars - 18 forks
Scheme Portable Library Network
Scheme - Last pushed - 14 stars - 1 forks
A simple OS independent Binary Search Tree class.
C++ - Last pushed - 4 stars
Extensions for UIKit in Swift
Swift - Last pushed - 58 stars - 6 forks
Twitter Conversation Crawler
Python - MIT - Last pushed - 16 stars
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Repositories Contributed To

A fully featured Memcached client build on top of Node.js. Build with scaling in mind so it will ...
Ruby - BSD-3-Clause - Updated - 0 stars
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Most Used Packages

This module allows Ruby programs to interface with the SQLite3 database engine (http://www.sqlite...
Latest release 1.4.2 - Updated - 526 stars
This gem provides jQuery and the jQuery-ujs driver for your Rails 4+ application.
Latest release 4.4.0 - Updated - 912 stars
EventMachine implements a fast, single-threaded engine for arbitrary network communications. It's...
Latest release 1.2.7 - Updated - 3.87K stars
CoffeeScript adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.
Latest release 5.0.0 - Updated - 220 stars
Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable pr...
Latest release - Updated - 46.1K stars
JUnit is a unit testing framework for Java, created by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck.
Latest release 4.13 - Updated - 7.85K stars
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