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v5 Announcement

Acr.UserDialogs.Android.AppCompat is now obsolete. v5 has this all internalized and uses the most modern mechanism is can to display dialogs. Android Support Libraries should be agnostic now. I will allow nuget to flow up to the next major (v24).

ACR User Dialogs for Xamarin and Windows

A cross platform library that allows you to call for standard user dialogs from a shared/portable library. Supports Android, iOS, and Unified Windows Platform (UWP, UAP)


  • Action Sheet (multiple choice menu)
  • Alert
  • Confirm
  • Date
  • Loading
  • Login
  • Progress
  • Prompt
  • Toasts
  • Time
  • examples

Support Platforms

  • Xamarin (iOS Unified/Android)
  • Universal Windows Platform (Win10/UWP)
  • Portable Class Libraries (Profile 259)
  • Windows Phone 8/8.1 - It is here, but parts of unimplemented. NO FEATURE REQUESTS OR SUPPORT - YOU WANT IT, SUBMIT A TESTED PULL REQUEST!


To use, simply reference the nuget package in each of your platform projects.

iOS and Windows

Nothing is necessary any longer as of v4.x

Android Initialization (In your main activity)



// from your PCL app.cs (remember to Init on android platform project)
Mvx.RegisterSingleton<IUserDialogs>(() => UserDialogs.Instance);


All config objects contain static vars that contain defaults which are basically used as a poor man's stylesheet. These save you time of always have to pass what the text for OK should be. This is particularily useful for multilingual applications.

  • ActionSheetConfig
    • DefaultCancelText
    • DefaultDestructiveText
    • DefaultItemIcon
  • AlertConfig
    • DefaultOkText
  • ConfirmConfig
    • DefaultYes
    • DefaultNo
    • DefaultOkText
    • DefaultCancelText
  • DatePromptConfig
    • DefaultOkText
    • DefaultCancelText
  • LoginConfig
    • DefaultTitle
    • DefaultOkText
    • DefaultCancelText
    • DefaultLoginPlaceholder
    • DefaultPasswordPlaceholder
  • ProgressDialogConfig
    • DefaultCancelText
    • DefaultTitle
    • DefaultMaskType
  • PromptConfig
    • DefaultOkText
    • DefaultCancelText -ToastConfig
    • InfoIcon
    • InfoBackgroundColor
    • InfoTextColor
    • SuccessIcon
    • SuccessBackgroundColor
    • SuccessTextColor
    • WarnIcon
    • WarnBackgroundColor
    • WarnTextColor
    • ErrorIcon
    • ErrorBackgroundColor
    • ErrorTextColor
    • DefaultDuration
  • TimePromptConfig
    • DefaultOkText
    • DefaultCancelText
    • DefaultMinuteInterval


  1. I'm getting a nullreferenceexception when using loading.

    • This happens when you run loading (or almost any dialog) from the constructor of your page or viewmodel. The view hasn't been rendered yet, therefore there is nothing to render to.
  2. I'm getting "This is the PCL library, not the platform library. Did you include the nuget package in your main "executable" project?"

    • Do exactly what it says
  3. Navigating while inside of a loading/progress dialog causes exceptions or the progress no longer appears properly

    • Hide the progress dialog before navigating
  4. I don't like the way X method works on platform Y

    • No problems. Override the implementation like below

    on the platform public class MyCustomUserDialogs : Acr.UserDialogs.UserDialogImpl { public override .. }

    in appdelegate or the starting activity UserDialogs.Instance = new MyCustomUserDialogs();

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