Latex package to print spectral sequence diagrams using pgf/tikz.

Language: TeX

Keywords: algebraic-topology, latex-package, pgf, tikz

spectralsequences v1.0.0-dev

Author: Hood Chatham
Email: hood@mit.edu
Date: 2017-06-21
License: All files have the Latex Project Public License.
Description: Print spectral sequence diagrams using pgf/tikz.

See the file manual/spectralsequencesmanual.pdf for a manual. See the examples directory for a large number of example files. Email me at hood@mit.edu to submit bug reports, request new features, etc. The current development copy is hosted at https://github.com/hoodmane/spectralsequences.




  • \sseqparseint
  • \parsecoordinate and \parsedifferential
  • \IfInBoundsTF, \IfOutOfBoundsTF
  • New loop constructs \Do, \DoUntilOutOfBounds, \DoUntilOutOfBoundsThenNMore
  • \kill which kills a class without having to put a differential
  • \lastclass as default arguments for \replaceclass, \classoptions, \d/\doptions, \structline/\structlineoptions
  • Pin key for labels
  • Families
  • Insert key for new classes allows control over relative class placement without reordering commands
  • Draw differentials from a range of pages.
  • Frame axis type, ticks.


  • Ticks are now placed at values congruent to tick offset mod tick step, tick offset defaults to 0
  • What was called "x axis style" is now called "x axis type".


  • The \tagclass command works now.
  • Scopes now nest properly.
  • Fixed a big performance issue with nested scopes and shifts.
  • Adobe reader grid color is now correct (or more correct)
  • Fixed the grid drawing so that grids are handled correctly when the range includes negative numbers
  • The package now works with xparse after 2017/02/08 when changes were made that broke my original code
  • Fixed a bug where if you used a structline in two sseqpage environments with the same name, it would give an error.
  • Now if you say \structline(0,0)(0,1) \structlineoptions(0,1)(0,0) it will work correctly.
  • Big ranges like 0 - 600 now work, provided that you provide an appropriate scale
  • Big range like 600 - 700 no longer will cause an overflow
  • Labels now are rectangle nodes so they don't shift down if they are very wide
  • Fixed a bug with ranges in sseqpage environment
  • The chess grid works correctly now

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