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Language: HTML



Recommended path:

  • Intro

    Tag, Selector, Rule - intro & building our first article

  • Tools

    editor, devtools, github;
    how the internet works

  • HTML basics

    HTML history;
    most common HTML elements;
    project work kickoff

  • CSS basics

    some css properties to start with: font & color
    selectors: tag, class, id; child
    specificity & cascade
    CSS methodologies, BEM

  • Layout

    box model, sizing & positioning flexbox, grid

  • Forms

    user input elements, text inputs, dropdowns, checkboxes and buttons
    styling input elements

  • Workshop Day 1

    review what we've learned;
    progress with the project work

  • CSS advanced

    Fancy backgrounds
    Fancy boxes

  • Responsive and Adaptive Web

    Testing on mobile
    Relative sizes
    Responsive grid
    Media queries

  • Dynamic content

    Jekyll Wordpress Templates

  • JavaScript

    Document Object Model event handling

  • Workshop II

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