LDAP backend for hiera

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hiera-ldap backend

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This module allows hiera to look up entries in LDAP. It will return an array of every matching entry, with that entry represented as a hash of attribute => value. For multivalued attributes, they exist as multiattribute => [attrib1, attrib2, attrib3].


This module can be placed in your puppet module path and will be pluginsync'd to the master.


Ldap example:

dn: uid=nibz,ou=People,dc=catnip
loginShell: /usr/bin/zsh
objectClass: top
objectClass: account
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: shadowAccount
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: podPerson
uid: nibz
uidNumber: 1861
gidNumber: 300
homeDirectory: /u/nibz
gecos: Spencer O Krum
cn: Spencer O Krum
sn: Krum
givenName: Spencer

Configuration examples

No encryption

  :base: ou=People,dc=cat,dc=pdx,dc=edu
  :port: 636
    :method: :simple
    :username: uid=network,ou=Netgroup,dc=cat,dc=pdx,dc=edu
    :password: PASSWORD

More advanced, pointing to encryption keys

  :base: ou=People,dc=cat,dc=pdx,dc=edu
  :port: 636
    :method: :simple_tls
      :ca_file: /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/hieradata/ldapcerts/cool_key.pem
    :method: :simple
    :username: uid=network,ou=Netgroup,dc=cat,dc=pdx,dc=edu
    :password: PASSWORD

Puppet example

# get info from ldap and put into a hash

$rooter_info = hiera("uid=${username}")
if $rooter_info == undef {
  fail ("Hiera/LDAP look up on ${username} failed. Aborting.")

# use the hashdata to fill out user paramaters
# as of now, the ldap/hiera backend downcases ldap attributes

user { $username:
  ensure     => present,
  gid        => 'root',
  uid        => $rooter_info['uidnumber'],
  home       => $rooter_info['homedirectory'],
  managehome => true,
  shell      => $rooter_info['loginshell'],
  comment    => $rooter_info['gecos'],


  • It wraps the pramaters to so anything you can do there you can do here


The key being looked up is actually processsed just like rfc4515 so you can use advanced ldap searches:



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