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The iOS Blocks Project - Android has Widgets, Windows has Live Tiles and now iOS has Blocks
Objective-C - Other - Last pushed - 65 stars - 10 forks
Porting the iOS 11 Control Center to iOS 10
Objective-C - Last pushed - 42 stars - 16 forks
Logos - Last pushed - 10 stars - 4 forks
Disable Notifications for an Application with 3D Touch (iOS 11 Only for Now)
Logos - Last pushed - 9 stars - 1 forks
Access Wi-Fi networks through the CC on iOS 11
Logos - Last pushed - 3 stars - 1 forks
Allows users to reorder any CC Modules and allows developers to add custom ones
Logos - Last pushed - 5 stars - 1 forks
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Most Used Packages

Angular - the http service
Latest release 7.2.0-beta.2 - Updated - 45.2K stars
Webdriver E2E test wrapper for Angular.
Latest release 6.0.0-beta - Updated - 7.97K stars
TypeScript definitions for jquery
Latest release 3.3.27 - Updated - 20.5K stars
Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in javascript.
Latest release 2.24.0 - Published - 40.1K stars
TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development
Latest release 3.3.0-dev.20181229 - Updated - 45.3K stars
TypeScript definitions for Node.js
Latest release 10.12.15 - Updated - 20.5K stars
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