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Language: Vim script

Keywords: markdown, vim, vim-plugin


Open the current Markdown buffer in Marked. Supports Marked 1 and 2.

Note: Since Marked is available only for OS X, this plugin will not be loaded unless you are on OS X.


By default, this plugin is configred to use Marked 2. If you are still using Marked version 1, set the following in your ~/.vimrc:

let g:marked_app = "Marked"


This plugin adds the following commands to Markdown buffers:

:MarkedOpen[!]          Open the current Markdown buffer in Marked. Call with
                        a bang to prevent Marked from stealing focus from Vim.
                        Documents opened in Marked are tracked and closed
                        automatically when you quit Vim.

:MarkedQuit             Close the current Markdown buffer in Marked. Quits
                        Marked if there are no other documents open.


Same as Vim itself, see :help license.

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