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Me following along with Steve and Nat's GOOS book
Java - Last pushed - 21 stars - 4 forks
This is the codebase from the book "Responsible Design in Android, Part 1" at http://tddandroid.com
Java - Last pushed - 16 stars - 5 forks
Point of Sale application from Cluj TDD course
Java - Last pushed - 8 stars - 1 forks
Java version of Point of Sale at Agile Eastern Europe 2010
Java - Updated - 6 stars - 2 forks
Diaspar Software Services toolkit
Java - Last pushed - 5 stars
Legacy Code Retreat's Trivia Game example in C#
C# - Last pushed - 4 stars - 4 forks
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Repositories Contributed To

Ruby - Last pushed - 35 stars - 89 forks
A derivative of @segphault's status-wordcount. Displays wordcount, grade level, and Flesh-Kincaid...
CoffeeScript - MIT - Last pushed - 2 stars - 3 forks
HTML - GPL-3.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
Trivia Game
JavaScript - GPL-3.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
HTML - GPL-3.0 - Updated - 0 stars - 1 forks
HTML - GPL-3.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
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Published Projects

maruku-jbrains 0.6.2
A fork of the Maruku project designed to facilitate community enhancement.
Rubygems - Ruby - Updated - 2 stars
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Most Used Projects

rspec 3.6.0.beta2
BDD for Ruby
Rubygems - Ruby - MIT - Updated - 1.86K stars
jasmine 2.5.2
Test your JavaScript without any framework dependencies, in any environment, and with a nice desc...
Rubygems - Ruby - MIT - Updated - 652 stars
junit:junit 4.12
JUnit is a unit testing framework for Java, created by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck.
Maven - Java - EPL-1.0 - Updated - 5.8K stars
rspec-expectations 3.6.0.beta2
rspec-expectations provides a simple, readable API to express expected outcomes of a code example.
Rubygems - Ruby - MIT - Updated - 872 stars
rspec-mocks 3.6.0.beta2
RSpec's 'test double' framework, with support for stubbing and mocking
Rubygems - Ruby - MIT - Updated - 768 stars
rack 2.0.1
Rack provides a minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing web applications in Ruby....
Rubygems - Ruby - MIT - Updated - 3.02K stars

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