Configuration files and experimental, one-off code

License: Other

Language: Racket

Configuration files and experimental, one-off code

.ackrc - config file for ack (a grep replacement)
.conkerorrc - config file for conkeror (awesome Web browser)
.emacs.d - config directory for emacs
.emacs.el - config file for emacs
.profile - common shell config
.vimrc - vim configuration
.workout-plan - pictures for workout-plan
.xmobarrc - config file for xmobbar (part of xmonad)
.Xresources - X resources, mainly to get solarized urxvt
.xsession - X start up script
.zshrc - zsh config
aggressive-timeout.rkt - aggressive timeout enforcer
amazon-wishlist.rkt - dump wishlist from Amazon - example of incremental ML
anki-monster - plugin for Anki for kids
aquarium.rkt - game of life with fish - solver for AV connection layout
basic-lazy.rkt - basic laziness for student
basic-monads.rkt - basic monads for student
benford.rkt - implementation of benford transformation
bf-1.rkt - weird delim cont pipe thing [Blogged: 2012-06-18]
bfs.rkt - breadth first search
bin - tiny scripts - macro example for blog
boggle.rkt - boggle solver [Blogged: 2012-05-14]
bom2se.rkt - Converts the Book of Mormon (JP) to Anki database
brother-trees.rkt - brother tree implements
bt-split-at.rkt - binary tree split at point
cas-cad-e.rkt - case that is like C's switch [Blogged: 2013-06-24]
cek.rkt - CEK machine
coca.rkt - Word Frequency list parser
condd.rkt - cond with embedded defines [Blogged: 2013-11-12]
conflict.rkt - racklog example
coq - example Coq code
csv2org.rkt - CSV to org-mode for game list
dark-souls.rkt - Dark Souls optimizer - delim cont examples (Zipper) - symbolic deritive finder
devmode - automatic restart of Racket Web server when implementation changes
diet.rkt - something to help plan diets
dir-serve.rkt - quick Web server for a directory
dnd - iOS HTML D&D4e character sheet
dpr.rkt - Go's defer-panic-recover in Racket
ds-armor.rkt - optimizer for Dark Souls armor
duplicate-finder-parallel.rkt - find duplicated files
effort.rkt - grep for my todo record history
enum.rkt - implementation of enums
espeaker.rkt - live espeak console
ethread.rkt - threads that preserve a single exit value for later
fake-serve.rkt - serve a single MP3
faker.el - attempt to make something that fakes typing in a fine
ff5-sram.rkt - SRAM hack for FF5
fffhase-attack - demonstrates a "phase" attack on Racket
fizzbuzz.rkt - fizzbuzz in racket
flow.rkt - data-flow analysis definer
foo - purely functional oo system with prototypes
fp-rules.rkt - prototype of macros that run to fixed point
grepw.rkt - basic version of grep but just for words
grid.tex - basic grid for family
gt5-events.rkt - manager for Gran Turismo 5 events
house-sale.rkt - something to compute if selling your house is a good idea
interface - prototype of interface-in/out
isort-cost.rkt - computes the cost of insertion sort vs other sorts
jdictate.rkt - screen scrap to create Japanese kanji Anki database
k-from-end.rkt - implementation of stupid interview question
kappend.rkt - version of list with O(1) append
kernel.rkt - basic OS kernel with delim conts [Blogged: 2012-07-12]
key2org.rkt - converter from Apple Keychain to org-mode - test of - early version of keyword structures
l4-pr148.rkt - Professor Layton #4 Puzzle #148
layout - structure layout customization - demo of - laziness that preserves the continuation marks of the promise creation site (so stack track is accurate) - python isn't lazy - very basic implementation of laziness
letwreck.rkt - my version of let/wreck
life.rkt - conway's game of life [blogged: 2013-11-18] - linear logic theorem prover
lsys.rkt - implementation of L-systems
ltl.rkt - implementation of LTL checking 
lz78.rkt - LZ78 compression implementation [Blogged: 2012-05-22]
macro-incremental.rkt - demo of incrementally pushing macro marks
macro-kohlbecker.rkt - macro examples from Kohlbecker - evil macros
macros-that-dont-work.c - examples of how C macros are broken
minimal.el - emacs config just for org-mode
namespace-ex - example of messing up generative structs with namespaces in Racket
negspace.tex - negative space example in latex [Blogged: 2012-06-05]
nick.rkt - all string generator - downloader for NicoNico
nsb2org.rkt - Netscape Bookmark format to org-mode
nsmv - non-shared module variables
of2org.rkt - convert OmniFocus to org-mode
opt-arrow.rkt - macro for Typed Racket types (doesn't work because TR is lame)
persona - planning system for Persona 3 and 4 fusion
pkgs - experimental Racket package system (abandoned)
pl4-p150.rkt - solution to Professor Layton #4 puzzle #150
plist-dict.rkt - something with plist files - temporary HTTP server for getting iTunes to load a podcast from a directory
prayer.html - prayer html
prayer.js - prayer js code
prayer.json - prayer json data
prayer.rkt - enumerator for daily prayer schedules - substitution analysis of prime checker in C++ - basic theorem prover
r - random benchmark?
rackit.rkt - in Racket
rackunit-table.rkt - show a table as rackunit results
ranking - ranking of video games
reactive - alternative implementation of FrTime
record.rkt - variant of struct that uses one export
redex-challenge1.rkt - test case for experimental Redex technique
redex-challenge2.rkt - test case for experimental Redex technique
redex-challenge2b.rkt - test case for experimental Redex technique
redex-challenge3.rkt - test case for experimental Redex technique
redex-comp-ex.rkt - experimental Redex compiler (example)
redex-comp-help.rkt - experimental Redex compiler (helper)
redex-comp.rkt - experimental Redex compiler
redex-structs.rkt - Redex with structs (faster)
rof.rkt - optimize Resonance of Fate purchases
rom-check.rkt - double check wahcade rom list - manage GBA roms
rom-link2.rkt - set up links of roms for wahcade
rom-sort.rkt - organize NES roms
ror - demo of "Ruby on Rails" Racket macro
rorth - Racket vesion of forth [Blogged: 2013-05-20]
rsn.rkt - help prepare SNES sound tracks for playing
ruby-yield.rkt - something to demonstrate what is wrong with ruby's yield
russian.rkt - screen scrape to create Russian database for Anki 
screenrc - config for screen (terminal window manager) - awesome version of "cut"
sda.rkt - screen scrap SpeedDemosArchive marathons and creates RSS file (for miro podcast import) - dfa that consumes a sequence - experiment with sequences
sharish.rkt - demo of shared [blogged on 2013-12-02]
shower.rkt - generate an MP3 to take a shower to... efficiently! [Blogged: 2012-08-06]
skyline-slow.rkt - solve the "skyline" problem (slowly)
skyline.rkt - solve the "skyline" problem - render a graph of (defunct) data
snes-sram-check.rkt - create SRAM files (properly sized) for SNES roms
sortcp.rkt - copy a set of files into directories based on their first name (used for creating the FS on the PowerPak)
sortdir.rkt - ensure a directory's contents are sorted on the file system [especially FAT]
spec-encode.rkt - demo of syntax-parse based version of Naughty Dog's DC language
spell.rkt - evil version of "guess what word i'm thinking of" that always beats you [Blogged: 2013/11/25] - semipersistent structs - send/suspend using threads and not continuations
sstruct-syn.rkt - improved version of struct (syntax class) [code was written before begin-for-syntax]
sstruct-tests.rkt - improved version of struct (tests)
sstruct.rkt - improved version of struct
sstruct2.rkt - improved version of sstruct
struct-copy-ish.rkt - variant of struct-copy
struct-intro.rkt - dynamic struct-copy
sudoku.rkt - sudoku solver - list with O(1) append
swap-fold.rkt - foldr as foldl and back
systemf.rkt - HOAS implementation of System-F
temporal-clock.rkt - solver for FF13-2 temporal clock puzzles
temporal-ctcs - original implementation of temporal contracts
threading-arrow.rkt - An arrow macro like clojure [Blogged: 2013-05-27]
tr-cheat - a language to trick Typed Racket into turning off contracts
trivia.tex - trivia card renderer
ttt.rkt - a basic model of tic-tac-toe
turing-machines.rkt - Turing Machine simulator - twitter to rss scraper
undefined-dispatch-rules.rkt - a demonstration of #<undefined> interacting poorly with web-server/dispatch
uniq.c - counts occureneces of words in file - script to push all git repos
values.rkt - keyword and optional values - keyword and optional values (old)
what-are-symbol-tables.rkt - a demo that tries to explain in code what symbol tables are
wiki.rkt - a basic wiki
word-count.tex - counter-example to LaTeX word counting via collatz conjecture [Blogged: 2012-06-05]
workout-plan.rkt - generator for workout plan contents
workout-plan.tex - wrapper for workout plan PDF
workout.rkt - graph workout data
xmonad.hs - config file for xmonad
y.css - style sheet for y - zipper in python

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