[dead] a UNIX-based turn-in submission and grading system

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[dead] a UNIX-based turn-in submission and grading system

Design Notes...

I looked at the roll and I will have 140 students this time. I want
grading to be really efficient.

Here are somethings that could do that:

1) Compile, run, and capture the output of each program at turnin:

for i in ${n}/*.c ; do
 (gcc $i -o $i.bin && ./$i.bin) | tee $i.out
 cat $i > $i.fin
 echo '/*' >> $i.fin
 cat $.out >> $i.fin
 echo '*/' >> $i.fin
 mv $i.fin $i

That way I only have to look at the file. I never have to run anything.

2) Rather than email me the files, copy them to my directory.

I'll have a directory structure like...


3) I will have a command


which finds the next exercise that hasn't been graded. It will open it
up in Emacs for me and I can put at the top (really anywhere)

// Grade: 0, you're a frozzle


// Grade: 1, you're a nozzle

and close the file [the turnin script will have to check that they
didn't put "// Grade" in their file.]

When I want to grade, I will just do...

$ grade
[ look around in Emacs, C-x C-c ]
$ [up] [enter]

4) If I grade all the exercises for a user's assignment, it will email
them that their grade is available (and grep all the "// Grade" lines
from them.)

5) A student can type


and it will give them:

Current Grade if 100% on all future assignments:

88.65% (B+)

Current Grade if 0% on all future assignments:

70.11% (C-)

by reading through their directory and computing the scores. (I'll
have to add an sexpression that says how many exercises each
assignment has.)

6) A student can type

whats-my-grade 10

and it will give them:

For assignment 10, you got
0: // Grade: 0, you're a frozzle
1: // Grade: 0, not done [added automatically by the turn-in script
because they didn't include 1.c]

Total: 0/2


Perhaps when someone turns something in, it could send me an email
with "$user has turned in assignment $n. You have $BIGNUM exercises to



A student can type request-graded and get the file in jay's directory copied to a timestamped directory.

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