Boilerplate setup with Redux, React Navigation, Styled Components

License: MIT

Language: Objective-C

Keywords: boilerplate, react, react-native, react-navigation, redux, styled-components

React Native Boilerplate



  • yarn or yarn install
  • Copy the file android/ to android/
  • Change sdk.dir in the file to your machines Android SDK location
  • Change the config.device in package.json to the name of your installed device in AVD*

* You can use emulator -list-avds to see the names of your installed devices. If you have no devices installed you can follow this guide.


Make sure you have installed an Android virtual device. If you get an error when the app is supposed to install on Android, try running this command in your project's root:

chmod 755 android/gradlew.


  • Debug on both iOS and Android: yarn dev
  • Debug on iOS: yarn dev:ios
  • Debug on Android: yarn dev:android

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