🎈 "We Ship Love" mobile application using React Native.


Language: Objective-C

Keywords: ios, react-native, redux, shopify, styled-components

We Ship Love - Mobile application

This repository contains the mobile storefront source code for We Ship Love. It has been built with React Native, the Shopify SDK, Redux and Styled-Components. The goal of exposing the source code is to show to the community an example of React Native application using the Shopify APIs and their Mobile Buy SDK. Also, it can be seen as a showcase to demonstrate what I'm currently busy with. Any feedback is welcome! :)

Still in development!



  • Install 'watchman' with brew: brew install watchman.
  • Intall 'react-native-cli' globally: npm install -g react-native-cli.
  • Install all the node modules required: npm install.


You will need your Shopify administration access to get it running!

  • Create a .env file where you define private credentials from your Shopify administration.
  • The SHOPIFY_BUY_SDK_KEY value is accessible from the 'Sales channels > Mobile App' menu.
  • THE SHOPIFY_API_KEY and SHOPIFY_API_PASSWORD are set in the 'Apps > Private apps' menu. This API is used to extend the possibilities of the BUY SDK, to get the store pages, delivery countries, etc.

Get started

  • To open and run the project (with Xcode, as we install Pod dependencies):
cd ios
pod install
open WeShipLove.xcworkspace


  • This app uses CodePush to deploy updates instantly.
  • To check the existing deployment keys of CodePush:
code-push deployment ls WeShipLove -k
  • To release an update (that will use the key set into Info.plist):
code-push release-react WeShipLove ios
  • To promote a release from Staging to Production environment:
code-push promote WeShipLove Staging Production


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