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MyBatis JPetStore

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JPetStore 6 is a full web application built on top of MyBatis 3, Spring 5 and Stripes.


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Run on Application Server

Running JPetStore sample under Tomcat (using the cargo-maven2-plugin).

  • Clone this repository

    $ git clone https://github.com/mybatis/jpetstore-6.git
  • Build war file

    $ cd jpetstore-6
    $ ./mvnw clean package
  • Startup the Tomcat server and deploy web application

    $ ./mvnw cargo:run -P tomcat90


    We provide maven profiles per application server as follow:

    Profile Description
    tomcat90 Running under the Tomcat 9.0
    tomcat85 Running under the Tomcat 8.5
    tomcat70 Running under the Tomcat 7.0
    tomee80 Running under the TomEE 8.0(Java EE 8) *Milestone version
    tomee71 Running under the TomEE 7.1(Java EE 7)
    wildfly16 Running under the WildFly 16(Java EE 8)
    wildfly13 Running under the WildFly 13(Java EE 7)
    liberty-ee8 Running under the WebSphere Liberty(Java EE 8)
    liberty-ee7 Running under the WebSphere Liberty(Java EE 7)
    jetty Running under the Jetty 9
    glassfish5 Running under the GlassFish 5(Java EE 8)
    glassfish4 Running under the GlassFish 4(Java EE 7)
    resin Running under the Resin 4
  • Run application in browser http://localhost:8080/jpetstore/

  • Press Ctrl-C to stop the server.

Try integration tests

Perform integration tests for screen transition.


  • Running the JPetStore on 8080 port
  • JDK 8+
$ ./mvnw test -P itest

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