A proxy for Netflix Atlas adding additional features like an imperative query API and simple UI

Language: Kotlin

Atlas Proxy


Netflix Atlas is a backend for managing dimensional time series data, especially for application monitoring. This project proxies or embeds the Atlas service to provide additional functionality, including:

  1. An imperative Groovy-based query language that translates to the Atlas stack language.
  2. A simple UI for entering queries and displaying resultant graphs.

Getting started

Download the JAR distribution from the Releases page. Run with java -jar atlas-proxy-VERSION.jar.

Atlas Groovy

Below is an example query demonstrating a variety of features of Groovy-based query language:

Timer t = select.timer('playback.startLatency')
Counter c = select.counter('sps')

// draw 3 different lines, originating from two different metrics

// set display options
  .title('Playback Starts and SPS')
  .axisLabel(0, 'request latency')
  .axisLabel(1, 'throughput')
  .axisLabel(2, 'sps')

View other sample queries in the examples folder.

Building from source

  1. cd service
  2. ./gradlew build devSnapshot (or substitute devSnapshot for final to build a release)

Your distribution will be in /service/build/libs/atlas-proxy-VERSION.jar

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