License: Apache-2.0

Language: TypeScript


A Grafana 6.2+ datasource plugin for Netflix Atlas.

Plugin example

Query references

Queries can refer to and embed other queries by # followed by letter name, as shown here:

Query references


  1. Clone Grafana and create a symlink to this project's root wherever you have cloned Grafana's repository in the ${GRAFANA_REPO}/data/plugins directory.
  2. Run yarn install and yarn run dev in this repo. The dev script will start webpack in development mode, continuously watching files for changes.
  3. In the Grafana root directory, run sudo make run.

Whenever you make a change to this repository, you will have to manually refresh the browser window, since Grafana's webpack-dev-server does not pick up changes made in ${GRAFANA_REPO}/data/plugins.

Running Zipkin


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