Recursively delete all empty folders in a directory and child directories.

License: MIT

Language: JavaScript

Keywords: delete, directories, directory, empty, files, glob, nodejs

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Recursively delete all empty folders in a directory and child directories.

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Install with npm:

$ npm install --save delete-empty


const deleteEmpty = require('delete-empty');


To use the delete-empty command from any directory you must first install the package globally with the following command:

$ npm install --global delete-empty


$ delete-empty [<cwd>] [--dry-run|-d]
  • <cwd> (optional) - initial directory to begin the search for empty directories. By default, the current working directory (process.cwd()) is used (note that process.cwd() is only used as the default by the CLI).
  • -d, --dry-run (optional) - output empty directories to the terminal, does not delete anything


Given the following directory structure, the highlighted directories would be deleted.

└─┬ a/
-  ├── aa/
  ├── bb/
  │ └─┬ bbb/
  │ │ ├── one.txt
  │ │ └── two.txt
-  ├── cc/
-  ├ b/
-  └ c/

async promise

If no callback is passed, a promise is returned. Returns the array of deleted directories.

  .then(deleted => console.log(deleted)) //=> ['foo/aa/', 'foo/a/cc/', 'foo/b/', 'foo/c/']

async callback

Returns the array of deleted directories in the callback.

deleteEmpty('foo/', function(err, deleted) {
  console.log(deleted); //=> ['foo/aa/', 'foo/a/cc/', 'foo/b/', 'foo/c/']


Returns the array of deleted directories.

console.log(deleteEmpty.sync('foo/')); //=> ['foo/aa/', 'foo/a/cc/', 'foo/b/', 'foo/c/']



Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

Running Tests

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$ npm install && npm test
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Copyright © 2018, Jon Schlinkert. Released under the MIT License.

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