Gives (textual) context for a given DOM node

License: MIT

Language: JavaScript

HTML Context

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This package allows you to generate some HTML context for a given DOM node. E.g. Some markup looking like this:

  <div id="x">
    <h1>Hello world</h1>


  const div = window.document.getElementById('x');
  htmlContext(div, {
    maxLength: 19,

would result in

<div id="x">…</div>

The context can either be document or an HTMLElement.


npm install html-context --save

or in the browser (UMD):

<script src="html-context/dist/index.js"></script>


options.maxLength: the maximum length of the returned context. The package will try and fit the outermost tag in if it can. Defaults to no maximum length.

options.beautify: Beautifies the returned context snippet. Defaults to false.

options.placeholder: The placeholder to use for capped markup. Defaults to .

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Gives (textual) context for a given DOM node
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