LHS Java Final 2019 coffee - YAPG (Yet Another Password Generator)

License: WTFPL

Language: Java

Keywords: final-project, java, java-final, password-generator


Yet Another Password Generator
A password generator that barely anyone (no one) will use

Made by

  • Borjan Palankov
  • Sebastian Alejandro

Our Idea

Create a password generator that can make simple (powdery-exponent-underhand) and complex (@nD6V&c#*@JJ7%) passwords


  • Get user input to ask how many characters in their password, what type of password, and the number of passwords.
    • How many characters? (default 12 if complex, 4 words if simple)
    • Type of password?
    • Number of passwords? (default 1)
  • Generate Simple passwords
    • Use an array with random words, and select them using a random number
      • Create a word list somehow (done with Scanner)
    • Ask if the user wants spaces as a separator or together (default spaces)
    • Clear finalSimpleString after each completion
  • Generate complex passwords
    • Use arrays to choose randomly from CHARS,SPECIAL_CHARS and NUMBERS.
      • Concatonate these random characters together to make a password.

A Final Statement

We totally finished all of these goals. Don't question it. This will most likely be the first and final version of this password generator, unless one of us gets bored over the summer (which we will). Thank you for an amazing year, JAVA class of 2019!

Licensed under WTFPL

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