Language: Ruby

Project Qualia Rails

This application was generated with the rails_apps_composer gem provided by the RailsApps Project.


This application was built with recipes that are known to work together.

This application was built with preferences that are NOT known to work together.

If the application doesn’t work as expected, please report an issue and include these diagnostics:

We’d also like to know if you’ve found combinations of recipes or preferences that do work together.


  • apps4
  • controllers
  • core
  • email
  • extras
  • frontend
  • gems
  • git
  • init
  • models
  • prelaunch
  • railsapps
  • readme
  • routes
  • saas
  • setup
  • testing
  • views


  • git: true
  • apps4: none
  • dev_webserver: webrick
  • prod_webserver: same
  • database: sqlite
  • templates: haml
  • unit_test: test_unit
  • integration: none
  • continuous_testing: none
  • fixtures: none
  • frontend: bootstrap3
  • email: none
  • authentication: devise
  • devise_modules: invitable
  • authorization: none
  • form_builder: simple_form
  • starter_app: users_app
  • quiet_assets: true
  • local_env_file: figaro
  • better_errors: true
  • ban_spiders: true
  • github: true

Ruby on Rails

This application requires:

  • Ruby
  • Rails

Learn more about Installing Rails.


This application uses SQLite with ActiveRecord.


  • Template Engine: Haml
  • Testing Framework: Test::Unit
  • Front-end Framework: Bootstrap 3.0 (Sass)
  • Form Builder: SimpleForm
  • Authentication: Devise
  • Authorization: None
  • Admin: None

    delivery is disabled in development.

Getting Started

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Documentation and Support

This is the only documentation.


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Similar Projects

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If you make improvements to this application, please share with others.

  • Fork the project on GitHub.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Commit with Git.
  • Send the author a pull request.

If you add functionality to this application, create an alternative implementation, or build an application that is similar, please contact me and I’ll add a note to the README so that others can find your work.


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