Read and write Salesforce Metadata files.

License: Apache-2.0

Language: TypeScript

Keywords: metadata, salesforce, salesforce-metadata, salesforcedx, types, typescript


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Read and write Salesforce Metadata files in TypeScript.

WARNING: this project is not stable yet and any API can change.


All the metadata types were generated from salesforce-wsdl-consumer.

Every property is optional and explicitArray for reading an XML file is set to true (always put child nodes in an array).


Currently, this version can only read and write XML Metadata files, i.e. even though the Profile type extends Metadata type, the "fullName" property from Metadata type won't be processed while reading and writing a file.

Exported functions:

  • readMetadataXML(file: string): Promise<MetadataFile>
  • writeMetadataXML(file: string, metadata: MetadataFile, options?: OptionsV2): Promise<void>
    .then((profile: {Profile: Profile}) => {
        profile.Profile.userPermissions?.forEach((perm: ProfileUserPermission) => {
            // ...
        return writeMetadataXML(profilePath, profile);

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Read and write Salesforce Metadata files.
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