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License: WTFPL

Language: Java

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VKB - bot for competitions

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Script allows you to automate the searching and participation in random reposts competitions in

Main capabilities

  • Check friends walls for competition posts and repost these posts (also joined all needed communities and added all needed users to friends)
  • Do reposts of random posts from mentioned communities (for simulation of the real user behavior)
  • To add random friends (also for simulation, like previose one)
  • Search competition posts in VK search and repost it
  • Search competition posts in already joined communities and repost it
  • Search competition communities, check walls for competitions, reposts these posts and join communities

Requirements for building and running

  • Java 8
  • Gradle 2.8 and later
  • An account in that is not a pity to lose (admins are struggling with fake accounts and it can be banned)

How to build, configure and run

For building the project use Gradle. Go to the root project directory and run gradle dist command. It will generate zip archive in build\dist directory. Extract it somewhere and script is almost ready for running (just need to link it with your VK account and setup some properties).

Now about the configuration. First, you need to have an account in, which you'll use for running the script. I would recommend to use an account that is not a pity to lose, because it can be banned for "strange activity". The next thing you need to do - to configure some script properties. Go to conf directory and find there file. Here is an example of configured properties - There are five required properties:

  • - identification number of your account.
  • - identification number of application (it's used for API requests to
  • access.token - the key that is used for access your application to API.
  • - comma-separated list of key words, which will be used for searching of competition communities (e.g. competition,gifts,prizes).
  • post.classification.model - the model that allow identify competition posts.

Full list of properties, descriptions and example values you can find here.

Also there is Dockerfile for VKB.

Feel free to make pull requests!

Copyright © 2017 Khajiit

This work is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar. See the COPYING file for more details.

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