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License: AGPL-3.0

Language: Python

Weboob is a project which provides a core library, modules and applications.


The core library defines capabilities: features common to various websites.
For example, and both
provide videos; Weboob defines the "CapVideo" capability for them.

Each module interfaces with a website and implements one or many of these
capabilities. Modules can be configured (becoming a "backend"), which means
that the end-user can provide personal information to access the underlying
website, like a login and password.

Applications allow the end-user to work with many modules in parallel,
in a multi-threaded way. For example, one could search a video on
many websites at once. Applications are toolkit-agnostic. They can use GTK+,
Qt or be text-only. The latter can be used either in an interactive way
or in pipes.

The core library provides base classes which help developers write
modules and applications.

Weboob is written in Python and is distributed under the AGPLv3+ license.

For more information, please go to the official website at

Installation is described on the website or in the INSTALL file.

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