A fast and simple ARM Simulator made for education based upon Unicorn and Keystone engines

License: MPL-2.0

Language: Java

Keywords: arm, armv4t-assembler, assembly, cpu, education, emulator, java, keystone, simulator, unicorn


A fast and simple ARM Simulator made for education


Download the latest project-armstrong.jar and enjoy!

Graphical User Interface

gui_s1 gui_s2

java -jar project-armstrong.jar

Command-line Interface

cli_s1 cli_s2

java -jar project-armstrong.jar cli



  • Java 11
  • Windows x86/x64 or Linux x64

Libraries used

  • Unicorn
  • Keystone
  • JavaFX
  • DockFX

Made with ❤️ by the #@RMStrong Team

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