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NOTE: I don't use HHVM anymore — especially since they shifted their focus from PHP 7.x to Hacklang — so I will no longe r be maintaining this package. It's mostly there, but since newer versions of HHVM source require a newer version of GCC than what comes with CentOS 7, I'm not enough of a C/C++ developer to fix the compilation issues I'm running into. If someone wants to provide a patch for the Makefile, I'd be happy to rebuild an RPM.

HHVM is an alternative PHP runtime developed by Facebook which aims to speed-up runtime performance, and implements a few new features.

See for releases.

Generating the RPM package

Edit the Makefile to ensure that you are setting the intended version, then run make.


Dynamic Extensions

See for a complete list.

The following dynamic extensions have been compiled and are available in this package, but you need to update your HHVM configuration to include them.

Extensions are installed in /usr/local/lib64/hhvm/extensions/20150212.

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